School Kids Indigenous Peer Program (SKIPP)©


One of the most important ways in which the IKMSG has contributed to the local community is through its ongoing work with Aboriginal youth. The aim of the School Kids Indigenous Peer Program (SKIPP) program is to address issues Aboriginal boys aged 10 -12 years may be demonstrating at home, school or in the community and will focus on anger management and boys taking responsibility for their actions.

SKIPP operated successfully over a number of years in schools from Kiama to Woonona but is not currently operating due to lack of fund. The Men’s group hopes to attract funding to continue with the program in the future. The program focuses on early intervention with boys aged 10 to 12 years who were disengaging from school. Attendees who could benefit from an opportunity to learn about culture and support their Aboriginal identity were selected in consultation with the Aboriginal Education Officer at the schools. The boys were invited to attend the Friday Men’s Group to do men’s business and learn about local culture, respect, health, hygiene and other topics.