BADV (Brothers Against Domestic Violence)

Brothers Against Domestic Violence (BAD V)©

Supporting Men – Creating Change

Sydney Harboura

The Brothers Against Domestic Violence or BAD V program is delivered by the IKMSG on a weekly basis on Tuesdays. The program was established in 2007. It focuses on the prevention of violent behaviour and the impacts of these behaviours on the individual, family and community. BAD V is a holistic program that addresses the health and family concerns of Aboriginal male. It aims to create better emotional, spiritual and cultural wellbeing for men, their families and the community by empowering them to regain their dignity, determination, health and wellbeing. The project aims to: improve access to all community and government services; educate Aboriginal male youth; and give men a safe place to discuss their issues.



BADV is a holistic program which seeks to enhance male emotional, spiritual and cultural wellbeing by equipping them with skills to control and manage behaviours that lead to acts of violence. The program is targeted to local Aboriginal men of all ages, and include recent parolees who are particularly vulnerable as they have limited social supports and resources. During the site visit, IKMSG staff reported that, in some cases, the BADV program was essential for preventing many from reoffending.

Held every Tuesday: 10am-2pm  (healthy lunch provided).