The Illawarra Koori Men’s Support Group (IKMSG) is a not for profit, charity endorsed community organisation. Initiated and directed by Aboriginal men (members) living in the Illawarra area with Aboriginal elders at its helm and supported by the local community.
Our aim is, to provide culturally appropriate educational programs and services to Aboriginal men and male youth living in the Illawarra, focusing on areas of concern which impacts not only the physical but, also the social, emotional and spiritual well-being of the whole community.

The IKMSG was established in 2003 when a group of Aboriginal men gathered in a small park on the outskirts of Wollongong to discuss health issues that affect the Aboriginal local community with men’s health at the forefront. This gathering went onto to be a regular event, meeting every Friday and attracted Aboriginal men from diverse walks of life including professional men working in their chosen fields such as, health, corrective services, juvenile justice, community services, a number of Elders as well as unemployed Aboriginal men. In 2005 the group moved to its current location at Albion Park Rail, becoming incorporated and holding traditional arts, craft and health check days for members and men in the community every Friday.

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